Publicum Europaeum

Europa and Public Sphere

Public sphere has been changed through the process of the European integration since 1957. Nation’ s public sphere has been gradually transformed while a new cosmopolis has been emerged. European Union is not a nation yet but it is composed by several nation-states that want to cooperate because they cannot survive the globalization effects.

Public sphere consists of ideas and axioms. These ideas concern values that are connect the Europeans. Europeanization is a broader idea than that of the European Integration.

A common European Public Sphere is being developed as a positive sum-game. All the Europeans think that belonging to a supranational entity brings wealth and hapinness to their homes, their lifes and their meanings get sense, their participation in the public life gets a meaning.

Unfortunately, things are no so promising. What is at stake is the power, the sovereignty, the legitimation of the European Demos, the development of a European Public Sphere. Anyone can see that in EuroElections nobody goes to cast their vote intentionally, with a european concept of voting.

Ensuring a healthy economy and promoting democracy are good paths to create wealth but there are not strong elements for bringing a united nation in life, the European Nation with its European Public Sphere.


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